GDP-konformes Co-Packing von POS-Displays

GDP-compliantco-packing ofPOS displays

Expert, reliable co-packing of your medicinal products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Each individual step in the process is based on the provisions of the German Medicinal Products Act (“AMG”) and the corresponding European GDP guidelines. Having obtained a wholesale permit under the terms of Section 52a AMG, we know exactly what it comes down to when handling pharmaceutical items. Our newly built facilities enable us to guarantee the proper co-packing of medicinal products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. This packaging qualification and transport validation, both of which incorporate temperature mapping as well as other statutory requirements, likewise form part of our service.

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Packaging and co-packing: careful handling of your branded products

The professional and careful stocking of point-of-sale displays as well as an agile and precise roll-out phase are two of the strengths that we provide to the pharmaceutical sector. In completing this, we are careful to ensure detailed compliance with statutory documentation requirements. Ongoing monitoring of our operations and our stringent quality management set us apart from the crowd and ensure that we never lose sight of our customers' demands or the statutory provisions.


Storage and logistics: expertly and perfectly managed right up to the point of sale

Our state-of-the-art facilities satisfy the highest quality standards. Care, cleanliness, pest control procedures and temperature mapping are second nature to us. To assist you throughout the production chain, we take care of the co-packing, packaging, licenced storage and professional logistics on your behalf. Whether domestic or international shipments, your products are delivered to your central warehouse or directly to pharmacies, drug stores or retailers in perfect condition.


One-stop-supplier: creativity and co-packing from a single source

Our service goes that extra mile. As a subsidiary of Creodis GmbH, we can count on more than ten years’ experience of creating ultramodern POS displays. We listen carefully and fully understand what you and your customers demand of the product. This allows us to develop exceptional point-of-sale solutions which, in a split second, convey the added value of your products and thus are the key to establishing trust between the end customer and your product.

From the very creation of the displays – which also entails development and prototyping – to their actual production as well as co-packing, warehousing and logistics operations, every single step can be found all under one roof. This allows us to optimise the value chain and minimise the amount of transport involved. We are swift and flexible in our actions and deeds and always have one eye on being as cost-effective as possible.

Your needs and wishes take priority for us – which is why a permanent contact person is on hand throughout the project to ensure smooth progress and efficient coordination.

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Our commitment to quality

Medicinal products and pharmaceuticals need to instil trust and lastingly assure end consumers. With this in mind, we at the Creodis Group focus on each individual customer, taking their demands and the statutory requirements into consideration. This allows us not only to create authentic POS displays for the pharmaceutical sector but also to co-pack them in compliance with the relevant legislation. To this end, we work in close partnership with our customers and to the highest self-imposed standards to create bespoke complete solutions that both you and ultimately your end customers will find convincing.

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